Our Facilities
  Computer Labs :
  The school has 4 Computer labs (one for each section), each equipped with about 30 computers, and an OHP. The high school lab also has internet connection, ensuring that students are well trained for their IGCSE/ GCE examinations.  
  Science labs :  
  There is a Primary Science lab for students of grade 1-6.  
  There is one lab each of Biology, Physics and Chemistry for the Middle and High School. The labs are well equipped and are up to the standard expectations/ requirements of CIE; as a result the school has been conducting CIE practical examinations since 2001.  
  Projector Rooms/ Audio- Visual rooms :  
  4 projector rooms are used to show power point presentations, animations, videos to support the students understanding the concepts and lessons.  
  English Hall :
  A room where students can research and present their work. Students will stage skits/ plays and present their research on assigned topics. These presentations will be recorded on video, which will later help students identify their strengths and areas needing improvements. This will help students develop public speaking skills and boost their confidence to participate in debates/ discussions and also face interviews with ease.  
  The room is equipped with computers and internet connection, in order to facilitate students' research and their work on the school magazines. The English hall is divided into sections, for reference, for research, display of students' work. There is a stage on which students may present skits/ dramas or their speech. There is an OHP that is used to display PowerPoint presentations.  
  Transport :  
  A fleet of well- maintained buses is available to provide transport facilities to students within Jeddah and Makkah. Experienced drivers are responsible for the safety of the students on the bus. Support Staff accompanies KG students on the bus.  
  Cafeteria :
  The two cafeterias are well maintained and high standards of hygiene are followed. It provides variety of food items, which the students can buy.  
  Medical Care :  
  There is a well equipped clinic, ready for any emergency. There is a professional/ experienced doctor, who does a regular check up of students in the school. There is a record of all cases that are brought to the school clinic.  
  In case of any emergency, students are taken to Erfan & Bagedo Hospital and parents are duly notified.  
  AIS has taken all measures for the safety of its students and Staff. The school has fire detectors/ alarms, emergency exit doors.
The school also plans and conducts Fire drills.